APRIL FOOLS' DAY Pranks Can Be Good For You!

Did someone steal your chair at the office today,  move your computer, take your parking spot, pretend to be the police arresting you ? Don't be to alarmed, remember, it is April Fool's Day! But don't be too mad at them, according to YAHOO they may have done you afavor!....APRIL FOOLS' DAY Pranks Can Be Good For You!

A properly executed April Fools' prank can be harmless -- and can actually benefit your health. According to research,  after a jolt of anger (which is our first response to most pranks), victims usually blame themselves for falling for the trick -- and then are able to laugh about it. This laughter has amazing, positive physical and relationship benefits such as:  Reducing stress and blood pressure, Strengthening of relationships, and Encouraging valuable self-reflection.  So, if someone gets you today, laugh it up! (And then write it down so you can do it to someone else next year!)

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