I Guess I do "Like" Change

I'm one of those people who always liked things just the way they were. I didn't like change. Most people don't like change. But at least I'm open minded enough to realize change does happen, and usually it ends up being for the best. For instance, I didn't want to change from CD's to MP3's. I didn't want to use an email instead of mailing a letter...but of course now my iPod is full and so is my in box! And both are really better than the old way.

I also didn't want to get involved in social media a few years ago. I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to know what I was doing or thinking. Why would anyone care what I thought, what I did, where I went, or what I saw? Yes, even though I was on the radio talking to thousands of people daily...it still seemed crazy to me that anything I did mattered to anyone. Anyone other than my family & friends...until there were more than 5,000 of them! Yikes!!

So I have proudly launched a brand new Facebook Fan Page because so many people wanted to be my "friend" that my personal Profile Page is full!  I "tweet". I "tumble". I "blog". I even still have a MySpace if anyone still cares :) And now I have a a new Fan Page so I can share with my friends who "like" me.

To think, when I was a kid, I barely had enough friends for a birthday party! Things really do change for the better.

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