Celebrity Dirt - 10.26.11

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are parents -- of a puppy. The couple adopted a husky mix named Baylor in Winnipeg, Canada over the weekend.
Rocker/American Idol judge Steven Tyler smashed his face during a "nasty fall" in a Paraguay hotel shower, knocking out several teeth. Tyler -- who was scheduled to perform in Paraguay with Aerosmith Tuesday night -- was reportedly rushed to a nearby hospital. The concert was canceled.
WINNING! Charlie Sheen has turned making fun of himself into another lucrative deal. Sheen-themed costumes are flying off the shelves at Spirit Halloween stores. Spirit obtained all necessary licenses to sell Sheen masks, tousled wigs, and T-shirts that read: "Charlie's Goddess." Sheen himself plugged the merchandise on his Twitter page earlier this month, posting a photo in which he is displaying a mask in his likeness.
59 days til Christmas!
GLEE CHRISTMAS ALBUM OUT NOVEMBER 15Christmas is coming early for Gleeks. Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2 will hit shelves November 15. The new Glee Christmas record will feature two original songs, Extraordinary Merry Christmas and Christmas Eve With You.

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