The Celebrity Dirt - 04.28.11

Seems everyone's feuding with Donald Trump these days. Now Cher's gotten in on the act. Yesterday she fired at him the Donald via Twitter. She wrote: "Donald Trump is a pompous A-hole!" and "Donald Trump (Mr. Chapter 11) is only a mean-spirited bad actor."

There's talk that Fox tried to sabotage NBC's new show "the Voice" by allowing "American Idol" reject PIA TOSCANO to appear on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" Tuesday night. The hope was to steal attention away from the premiere of "The Voice" on NBC.
--A so-called "NBC producer" . . . who's not affiliated with "The Voice" . . . tells PopEater.com, quote, "Of course they did. 'Idol' has not allowed any of its talent from the present season appear on 'Dancing', and all of a sudden they book Pia!"

GARY BUSEY has joined the cast of the "Piranha 3D" sequel . . . which has been creatively titled "Piranha 3DD".

Kate Hudson announced her engagement to rocker Matthew Bellamy on the Today show yesterday -- but only after Matt Lauer noticed the huge diamond ring on her finger.

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